EN 149 Safety Standard

EN 149 is the safety standard for respiratory equipment.
It is a European safety standard with which all respiratory equipment that is put to market must comply to.
This safety standard covers 3 basic levels of safety and protection which can be valved (cooler to wear) and/or contain carbon or other products to reduce nuisance levels of certain gases or vapours.

3 Protection Levels


The FFP1 level of protection regulated by the EN 149 safety standard is used for non-toxic dust, mists and fumes which are based on oil and water. The respiratory equipment which enters this category is generally used by whose work involves hand sanding, drilling and cutting.


The FFP2 level of protection is aimed at respiratory equipment which protects the user against harmful dust, fumes and aerosols based on either water or oil. This type of equipment is most suitable for those working with softwood, glass fibres, metal, plastics (except PVC) and oil mists.


The FFP3 respiratory equipment protects its user against carcinogenic dust, fumes and aerosols based on water or oil. FFP3 equipment is most suitable for those working with highly toxic metals, hardwood, radioactive and biochemical active substances, as well as oil mists.

Below is a table which summarises the different basic levels of protection covered by EN 149.

FFP protection levels

The Different Gas And Vapour Filters

As you would expect, different masks should be used depending on the level of protection required. These are identified by a type, a colour and a maximum level of use. When choosing a respiratory device, it is important to take into account the type of hazard you will be exposed to and the maximum use level to ensure that your safety equipment remains within the levels you will be working at. It is also important to note that these standards apply to both full masks and half masks.

Below is a table that shows us the different levels of gas and vapour filters. You can use it to find out which type of mask you require.

respiratory gas filter levels

At Clad Safety, we take safety standard compliance issues very seriously, so that is why all the respiratory equipment we carry complies with the EN 149 standard. Do not hesitate to browse our range of respiratory masks or get in touch with our team of specialists for further advice.