Keeping the railways running with rail compliant Workwear & PPE

Clad Safety supply a comprehensive range of high visibility workwear and PPE to the rail industry.

A trusted supplier to Network Rail and a number of subsidiary networks; including Grand Central, Mersey and Stadler Rail, we understand the PPE requirements of those facing the daily hazards and risks that go hand-in-hand with operating, maintaining and renewing the UK’s national infrastructure.

Respected for the quality of our products, our commitment to outstanding service and excellent customer support we offer bespoke solutions for your workwear needs. Challenges are identified before they become problems to ensure we keep you and your trackside needs on track.

Visibly Better Arc Flash Protection

Our specialist Arc Thermal Performance Value (ATPV) rated clothing will provide the varying degrees of Arc Flash protection required to satisfy most incident energy analyses. These range from flame resistant to flame retardant coveralls, trousers, tops and base layers that deliver a superior level of performance.

For hand, head and face protection we offer a wide range of gloves, balaclavas, flash helmets and visors that conform to all relevant industry standards whilst still delivering excellent value for money.

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Heat Seal Transfer Machine at Clad Safety

A Personalised Approach

At Clad Safety we have our own in-house facilities to apply both embroidery and heat seal branding directly to your workwear and PPE. This ensures that every time you place an order with us we are able to guarantee the quality of workmanship whilst providing a rapid product turnaround. Our transfers are exceptionally durable and will last the lifetime of the garment even under the harshest of conditions.

Orders can be placed and tracked through the Clad Serve stock portal which provides an easy and efficient stock management facility; forecasting appropriate stock levels, monitoring spend per person, department or area and delivering out to the end user within 24 hours of the order being placed.

From humble beginnings…

Railway systems have come a long way since the introduction of the first steam passenger  train in 1830.  From the humble beginnings of George Stephenson’s Locomotion No 1 all the way through to the present day build of HS2, one of the most demanding and exciting transport projects in Europe, teams of workers have strived to maintain our network system.

Records dating back to the 1800’s show that rail workers mostly equipped themselves with their own PPE during those earlier years. It wasn’t uncommon for employees using grindstones in the workshops to sport wet rags over their mouths and noses to try and reduce the number of particles breathed in. Those lucky enough to be supplied goggles found these early incarnations impractical and uncomfortable and more often than not would cast them aside so they could carry out their job more effectively.

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Work starting on HS2

Keeping you on track,high visibility workwear and ppe,rail industry rail clothing

Thankfully, there have been significant changes to the provision of welfare measures over the years and the industry’s perspective to safety has shifted. Responsibility for the provision of protective equipment has transferred from the employee to the employer with increased consideration given to ensuring personnel return home in one piece.  In the 1960’s high visibility clothing was introduced to the country’s railways, which despite the initial reluctance by wearers to be seen in such ‘unmanly’ items, has now become embedded as an integral part of PPE Regulations.

In similar fashion to our country’s railway systems, Clad Safety has also evolved from its own humble beginnings over 30 years ago to become one of the UK’s leading suppliers of workwear, uniforms and PPE. An industry leader, the company has developed and expanded its range to embrace new, innovative clothing and products that support safer working practices whilst still adhering to comfort and durability.

To find out more on how Clad Safety can support you in your choice of Arc Flash PPE and workwear clothing please contact us on 0800 161 3661 or email [email protected]. Our Customer Support Team have a wealth of technical knowledge to assist with any compliance requirements or product queries and are on hand to support you every step of the way.

We know you keep us on track. Let us help you to do the same!

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Clad Safety has been operating for over 30 years and we take pride in the excellent service that we offer to our customers. To find out more on how Clad Safety can support your PPE needs please contact us on 0800 161 3661 or email [email protected]