Safety Footwear

From our 30 years’ experience, we understand the impact footwear has on staff well-being, morale and productivity. Lightweight, comfortable and supportive footwear reduces fatigue, improves gait, and leaves workers with more energy throughout the day.

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Working with you, we will…

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Select your range of safety footwear

Whether you are after a consolidated range or access to our full selection, we can offer a wide range of safety boots, wellingtons, shoes and trainers, with options suitable for every job role and specification.
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Communicate your approved range

We can provide clear wallcharts or product leaflets communicating your approved range for your staff to choose from.
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Provide an efficient supply

We regularly review our stock levels and usage to enhance our stock forecasting, ensuring a consistent supply of your core lines and sizes. And where you have employees that are outside of the typical size ranges, through our extensive supply network we’ll find a solution that fits.
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Take the weight off your feet…

with Lightyear safety footwear

Specifically designed to be lighter weight than traditional Steel Toe cap boots, the Lightyear range is completely metal-free. With a composite (plastic) toe cap and non-metallic midsole protection, the Lightyear brand offers the same standard of protection, but at a greatly reduced weight.

Less weight improves worker comfort and productivity by reducing fatigue caused by heavy footwear, leaving your workers with more energy throughout the day.

Metal free footwear also has the advantage of not triggering security scanners at Airports.

Our Lightyear range of safety boots, shoes and trainers has been carefully designed and compiled to provide optimal protection, comfort and flexibility for most workplace environments. With many styles available in both Ladies and Men’s sizes, this range is an ideal place to begin standardising and consolidating a footwear range for your company.

Lightyear safety footwear with boots shoes and trainers

Browse our Lightyear range

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