Your colleagues are your brand…

How your people look influences how others judge your organisation. Investing in smart, quality workwear which carries a well-placed and accurate reproduction of your logo can make a huge impact on how your staff represent your brand. We find that when employees are provided with uniform that looks good, is fit-for-purpose and comfortable to wear, they are not only more productive, but they take better care of the garments they’ve been provided with, enhancing your company’s image. For an even more unique approach, we can design and manufacture workwear and PPE specifically for your requirements.

Why Choose Clad?

  • in-house logo department – both embroidery and heat seal
  • colour match – we have a wide range of clothing to specifically match your corporate colours
  • communication – we provide design sheets for sign off showing where your logo will be placed on your work clothing (finish approval forms)
We will match your corporate colours with our wide range of clothing

Finish Approval

Ensuring accuracy and consistency across your range and repeat orders…

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For each new ‘Finish’ setup we provide an approval form which is a visual specification detailing the different ‘Processes’ (i.e. logos, text or branding) to be applied, along with the appropriate garments in your range. This includes key information regarding each process such as size, colour, position and any special instructions. Once approved by your company, this specification is kept on file and referred to before each finish application to ensure consistency across your range and deliveries.

For embroidery we will produce a physical sample of the embroidered design within 2 working days to ensure that you are happy with our quality and the representation of your logo in stitch form. If required, we can also produce finished garment samples for your approval before going to bulk production or incorporating the product into your range.

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Embroidery workwear branded corporate uniforms



Precise application in your corporate colours…

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Embroidery is the most popular way of applying a company’s logo or brand to a uniform. With fantastic clarity of registration and hundreds of colour options, embroidery is able to accurately reflect your company colours and project a quality image. Clad’s logo department is equipped with modern automatic 8-head Tajima commercial embroidery machines and we use durable rayon thread to prevent fading and ensure our embroidered logos are the longest lasting.

The majority of our embroidery production is fulfilled in-house by our experienced operators, to ensure a quality standard of finish, consistency across your range, and to provide a fast turn-around on orders. On the rare occasion we do out-source production, we employ rigorous quality control checks to ensure that your garments are embroidered to our exceptional standard of quality.

Want to find out more? Take a look at our embroidery guidelines here.

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Embroidered workwear branded corporate uniforms


Heat Seal Transfers

Durable branding with fast turn-around…

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Heat Seal Transfer (HST) is a low-cost way of applying intricate, detailed logos, larger logos and logos with a high number of colours. The transfers are exceptionally durable, last the life of the garment and can withstand industrial washing, making them suitable for even the harshest workwear conditions. Suitable for flat weave fabrics only, HST is commonly used for clothing such as hi-vis vests, increasing production speed and lowering costs and lead-times. HST can also be used on outer-wear garments like waterproof jackets where embroidery might compromise the garment’s effectiveness in wet working conditions.

For our key accounts we pre-purchase the transfers in bulk based on your predicted usage, to reduce the unit cost and allow for faster turn-around throughout our working relationship. These are then checked against the digital proof before being applied to your garments by our in-house logo department, or carefully stored on-site for future use. Therefore, although the initial setup and first order for HST will take an average of three weeks to complete from approval, future orders can be turned around very quickly.

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Heat Seal Transfer Printed workwear branded corporate uniforms


Helmet Branding

Easy on-site identification…

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Branding your helmets is a cost-effective way to assist employee identification on sites and helps reduce wastage from lost equipment. Clad currently offer two methods for branding your helmets.

Logos can be printed directly onto the helmets. This is applied by the manufacturer to ensure a seamless finish for each specific helmet style. Our printed helmets typically have a minimum order quantity of 40, making this sleek application method ideal for medium to high volume of usage, particularly when used in conjunction with our Dedicated Stock Agreement (DSA) scheme.

We can also apply branding to your helmets with our pre-printed weatherproof helmet stickers. As with our Heat Seal Transfers, we pre-purchase the stickers based on predicted usage, and apply them in house, allowing for greater flexibility in ordering. This method is ideal for regularly ordering lower quantities without a DSA, or for applying additional identification elements to your helmets, e.g. labels for identifying First-Aiders or visitors.

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branded helmets logos


For more information on our Smart Branding and to arrange a quote, call 0800 161 3661 to discuss your requirements or click here to contact us.