Total Proof Nitrile Glove (12)

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Cut level 1 safety glove with excellent protection, grip and resistance to oily surfaces and solutions.

Sizes: S/7 – 2XL/11
Colours: Blue
Safety Standards: EN338:2016 4121X | EN420

Total Proof Nitrile Glove (12)

Total Proof Nitrile Glove (12)

  • Safety glove with excellent protection and grip against oils and grease
  • Double layer Nitrile coating for oil applications
  • Breathable, sandblasted Nitrile external layer resists oils, providing a safe hold
  • Waterproof Nitrile internal layer resists oil penetration and enhances durability
  • Internal nylon lining resistant to abrasion
  • Total Nitrile covering allowing immersion in watery and oily solutions
  • Robust and water resistant
  • Pack of 12 pairs of gloves