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Delivery of Service

Tailored Systems

We work with customers to establish ordering systems that put them in control. Our portal can be customised to provide a seamless procurement service for any company, with all information easily accessible via the ordering and reporting system.

Man-Pack Distribution

Clad Safety utilise the Man-Pack distribution system which allows orders to be bundled according to the needs of the end user rather than simply supplied in bulk for customers to distribute themselves. By packing orders for the individual wearer, we also improve accuracy and consistency.

Customer Control

Keep control of spending by using points allocation and user authorisation levels to manage procurement procedures. Our adaptable grade system allows companies to simplify and segment their approved product range by role or department, delivering clarity for everyone involved in workwear procurement across your company. Four levels of user permissions enable departments to raise their own requests for workwear and PPE which can then be approved or declined with a single click. This ensures budget holders are in control of the process and reduces the time spent working through PPE requests.

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