Account Management

Clad Safety keeps the lines of communication open by providing dedicated account support to every customer. This allows us to identify challenges before they become problems, and to address them effectively in a way that guarantees the smooth-running of your business. We believe in a supply service which evolves to meet the needs of our customers, recognising it as the only way to deliver lasting success.

Account Manager

Each customer is assigned a dedicated Account Manager who makes it their business to know all about yours. Through proactive management and regular reviews, we can improve your workwear supply to ensure product performance within the specific operational environment of your company.

Clad Support

We provide supporting literature tailored to your range which can be complemented by site visits, client exhibitions and toolbox talks. We are keen to improve wearer knowledge and engagement across your company, so we will support your efforts to increase engagement wherever possible.

Our dedicated Account Manager has been fantastic. She knows our range inside out and has visited sites across the UK to ensure smooth running of the whole account. The result is that we never hear any complaints about PPE nowadays.

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