Health & Safety in Autumn
Waterproof Workwear

Protection against the extremes

Health & Safety in the sun

The British Summer is well known for being unpredictable. On those warmer days it’s important to consider the health and safety of your employees and you as an individual.

HeightMaster Nexus Helmet

It is vital that your head is appropriately protected when working in a high-risk environment.

Helmets are the first point of defence in protecting the wearer from a head injury. When worn correctly they can both prevent a brain injury and save lives.

New PPE Regulations – What You Need to Know in 2019

What are the key changes to the PPE Regulations? In the past PPE was governed by a directive – it is now being implemented as a legally binding regulation, with some amendments For example – hearing protection has been moved from category || to Category ||| - essentially it has now been classified as more ...

11 Things You Need to Know About Arc Flash Clothing

Why are Arc Flashes dangerous? The temperature of the sun is 5,5050C degrees. Temperatures can reach up to over 190000C degrees in an arc flash incident! The power of the blast can throw your workers across a room. The sound blast can rupture eardrums, or even cause permanent deafness in certain circumstances. The sound blast ...

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