Peko Drying Cabinet



With its modern heat pump technology, the ECO Dryer 2.0 HP drying cabinet is quieter and uses up to 65% less energy than traditional drying cabinets. This allows for more straightforward installation as ventilation ducting to outside atmosphere is not required. Ideal for all general laundry requirements, workwear, sports, outdoor and leisure wear. The gentle drying action protects delicate and mixed fabrics that cannot be tumble dried, such as wool and silk garments. The Eco Dryer is supplied with 3 hanging rails; the middle and lower sets can be folded backwards to allow longer garments to hang freely from the top rails.

Peko Drying Cabinet

  • Heat pump technology – no ventilation ducting required
  • Simple to use control panel with LCD technology
  • Two humidity controlled automatic programs
  • Gentle drying at a lower temperature
  • Ideal for delicate fabrics that cannot be tumble dried
  • 4kg load capacity with three sets of hanging rails
  • Supplied with 2 glove hanging rails to the inside door panel
  • Door can be specified to hinge on the left or right hand side (retro kit required to reverse)
  • Overheat Protection
  • Quieter and more energy efficient than traditional drying cabinets


  • Supplied ready for connection to mains power supply with a UK 3-pin plug
  • Door right-hand side hinged, as standard
  • 2 x fixing brackets are supplied; these allow the cabinet to off-set from the wall to overcome skirting boards and obstructions
  • Condensate water is collected in a removable catchment tank. Alternatively, the water can be diverted to an adjacent floor drain using the flexible pipe and fittings supplied
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