Which mask do I need?


There are so many masks available, from respirators to medical masks and reusable face coverings that you can pop in the washing machine.

Masks have been in great demand throughout the Coronavirus pandemic and suddenly people who never needed them now require them for work, commuting and even medical appointments.

Some individuals and business are also concerned about purchasing the wrong mask and in turn leaving less stock available for the NHS.

With so many variations, how do you know which mask is right for you and your needs?


Single Use Mask


  • EN149 compliant
  • Maximum filtration
  • High fluid resistance
  • Adjustable head strap
  • Create a facial seal around the nose and mouth

Protection Level


Medical Mask

Type IIR

  • Bacterial filtration efficiency > 98% and splash resistance > 16,0
  • Filters the inflow and outflow of air
  • Covers the nose and mouth without creating a seal
  • Ideal for medical environments where heavy amounts of fluids, spray and aerosols are produced

Type II

  • Bacterial filtration efficiency > 98%
  • Filters both the inflow and outflow of air
  • Covers the nose and mouth without creating a seal
  • Ideal for medical environments where light amounts of fluids, spray and aerosols are produced

Civilian Mask

  • NOT recommended for medical use.
  • Adjustable nose clip for secure fit
  • Inhibits the transmission of bodily fluids and droplets
  • Single use only

Reusable Mask (ideal for Public Transport*)

Health Mask

  • Reusable half face mask
  • Non-medical and non-PPE
  • Inner layer: 100% Cotton
  • Breathability with water vapor: 16.3 mg/cm²*h
  • Waterproofness (Outer layer): 0 mm water dragging

Premium Reusable Mask

  • Reusable face mask
  • 100% anti-droplet polyester outer layer
  • Anti-bacterial OEKO-TEX® 100% cotton inner layer
  • Prevents the spread of disease by capturing coughs and sneezes
  • Machine washable

Branded Reusable Mask

  • Washable cotton mask
  • Personalised to your brand
  • Made from two layers of anti bacterial cotton
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Minimum order quantity of 250 masks

Points to remember

FFP masks are classed as PPE and must conform to EN149 when sold in Europe

Medical masks must conform to EN14683

Health masks are an ideal choice for most of the general population – they can be washed at higher temperatures to kill the virus, they are reusable, and are kinder to the environment.

With a wide range of face masks available from IIR, to FFP and reusable, the choice can feel overwhelming, but it is vitally important that we all wear the appropriate mask for our environment.

*The UK Government have announced that facial coverings must be worn on all public transport from Monday 15th June 2020.