Benefits Of Using Manpack For Workwear And PPE


Is ordering workwear and PPE for your team time consuming or a logistical hassle? Discover the many benefits of using a Manpack for workwear and PPE with Clad Safety.

Why You Need Manpack When You Order Workwear and PPE

Are you responsible for ordering workwear or PPE for your team?

With so many employees requiring uniforms, health and safety clothing, safety footwear or PPE, it can take a lot of time and energy to distribute items to the relevant people once they arrive. Plus, keeping track of what has been ordered and by whom can be a major challenge.

If you have a large team and work across multiple sites, ordering workwear and PPE can be complicated. That is if you’re doing things the old way instead of ordering through a workwear portal such as CladServe, which allows you to opt for a manpack system.

Designed to make the process of ordering workwear and PPE straightforward, a manpack ordering system gets the right items to the correct team members with ease.

Here’s an overview of how a manpack system works. Most importantly, how it can save your entire business time, energy and resources.

Manpack: An Overview

Manpacks (also known as wearer packs) are a type of ordering system designed by workwear and PPE suppliers such as ourselves here at Clad Safety.

How it works is that when you place an order with us, we won’t just ship out a large order to one person at a single site.

Instead, each item will be placed in individual packaging and addressed to a specific person. There will be information on the outside of their individual packaging detailing exactly what has been ordered and who it’s for.

We can also consolidate orders for multiple wearers into one delivery. This saves on delivery costs while also being better for the environment.

All in a way that means when items arrive, they get to the right people with ease.

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Manpack For Workwear And PPE manpack

Why Would Your Business Need A Manpack System?

Here at Clad Safety, we’ve found that many of our customers work across multiple sites. Based on customer feedback, we realised it’s much easier if replacement workwear and PPE can be delivered to an individual at a particular site, rather than sent as a generic package to the head office.

Otherwise, sending a box of items intended for multiple employees to a central location makes it too time consuming to sort through. Also, items may not reach the relevant people promptly which could create project delays or even safety issues on site.

Customer scenario: A utility company requires fast delivery of high visibility clothing to site. The applicable team member logs onto CladServe. They select the items they need and the manpack system will ensure each piece of clothing, safety footwear or PPE is delivered to the relevant site and team member.

Previously, buying hi vis clothing for a team was extremely time consuming, but now every aspect of the process is automated for speed and efficiency.

Manpack Benefits

Manpack systems were designed to enhance the customer experience for all those involved in the workwear and PPE ordering process.

Here are just some of the top ways your organisation will benefit from a manpack ordering system.

Saves time – No need to spend hours trying to determine which items have been ordered and by who. Or even waste time trying to trace items that have ended up in the hands of the wrong person. With clear labelling, there’s no room for confusion or error.

Saves money – Not only will you save money through the reduced time spent sorting through ordered items, but packaging and shipping costs will also be cheaper.

Clear traceability – Stay in control of the entire ordering process. Remain on top of costs with all the information you need easily accessible.

Improves accuracy and consistency – A workwear portal specifies the exact items that need to be ordered for your team. When wearers go to order, they can’t go off course. A manpack delivery system supercharges this level of accuracy down to how the items also arrive at your location.

Reduce storage demands – When orders aren’t piling up because they are being instantly distributed after arriving, there’s no need to find extra room for storage. Plus, if large quantities are ordered and not stored safely, this in itself can cause a hazard at your location. No such issues can occur when you switch to a manpack system instead, as orders don’t have a chance to pile up.

Kinder to the environment – A manpack order will contain multiple employee orders within the same box. This reduces the need for multiple deliveries to the same address, less packaging and less couriers on the road.

How To Access Clad Safety Manpack

Manpack is a specialist service for Clad Safety customers, and is available via the CladServe portal.

Once you log in, simply choose the items you require. The items will be sent to the specified address in just a few days.

If you work across multiple sites, it’s incredibly easy to order what’s needed, as items will be addressed to individuals rather than sending a huge box of items to the address.

Whenever you need to reorder items, all you need to do is repeat this same process.

As we’re a UK supplier of workwear and PPE, if at all you need further assistance, we’re right on hand to help through our customer support channels.

Clad Safety – Workwear And PPE Site Delivery UK

Are you wanting to order workwear and PPE for a team? Simplify the process of workwear and PPE delivery with Clad Safety. We offer a dedicated manpack system through our CladServe workwear customer portal.

Clad Safety is a leading UK supplier of workwear and PPE. With over 30 years in business, Clad Safety works with a wide spectrum of industries including construction, engineering, health, rail and utilities.

Do you want to know how a manpack ordering system can combat any of the workwear and PPE challenges your organisation is experiencing specifically?

We work with Procurement Managers, Health and Safety Managers and Buying Teams from large organisations across the Construction, Health, Rail and Utilities sectors. Our aim is to simplify the buying process without compromising on the quality of your items or the speed at which they are delivered to you.

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