Does Female Specific Safety Footwear Exist?

Does Female Specific Safety Footwear Exist? AND 6049 e1712221409607

 Ladies Safety Footwear

A product range specifically designed for the female foot?

On the face of it there should be no question. After all, ladies fashion has been evolving since at least the 1780’s when the promulgation of French engravings illustrating the latest Paris styles started to inform the dress sense of the discerning damsel.

Unfortunately, however, it seems that developments in the world of safety wear have not kept pace with those in the sphere of haute couture.

For some time the unisex work shoe range has been the most common offering in the industry, but the provision this affords women has not delivered consistent satisfaction.

There are distinct differences in the general shapes and proportions of men’s and women’s feet. Women’s feet tend to be shorter and narrower, with a higher arch, and the “last” or mould around which shoes are formed were historically based around the anatomy of the male foot.

A further factor was traditional market demand, where manufacturers concentrated research and development on men’s shoes, so that Unisex design was often the best option, paying small regard for the nuances of women’s feet.

Little wonder then that attempts to provide a unisex solution often meant a compromise in the support and comfort offered to women wearers, never mind the appropriate protection!

Female Fit PPE 

And if it was proving difficult for women to get hold of female fit PPE, the barriers to equal employment opportunities and true inclusivity must have loomed large!

But with approximately 340,000 women employed in the UK construction sector alone during the second quarter of 2023, manufacturers have had to “pull themselves up by the boot straps” and start give the safety footwear requirements of female’s the urgent attention it requires.

An illuminated overview of the situation, coupled with advances in technology means companies looking to provide industry with bespoke solutions are now prioritizing gender-specific designs, and it should prove increasingly simple for women to source a stylish boot that combines a comfortable fit with the proper safety requirements.

It is not always easy to determine the correct size of safety boots for either sex. There are the different measures (metric, imperial, UK, USA, Japanese etc.) and sometimes the width of a foot has a more direct bearing on this measurement than foot length.

Most fortunately, Clad Safety have just the ready-reckoning resource to take the guesswork out foot shape and range of sizes. The Clad Safety Shoe Size Guide  is THE ultimate template to ensure foot health through the correct sizing when it comes to protective footwear.

Boots for Women

We are very happy to report that options for woman are flourishing, and the female foot can now be suitably clad in a good looking boot, made from quality materials, fitting nicely and offering a level of protection that makes for safe and happy feet!

At Clad Safety we have just what you need! We understand the science of comfortable safety footwear, but we also know all about the need for elegant, functional boots for women that complement the contours of the female foot.

Its all about maximum support, maximum safety and maximum style, safety gear that truly caters to your needs!

We stock a wide range of footwear for women, and are preferred distributors for the superior quality Rockfall and Amblers ranges of women’s fit safety work boots.

Included in the safety features these ranges offer is protective toe caps, non-slip sole, metatarsal protection, penetration resistance, energy absorbing heel, high levels of Joules impact resistance, heat resistant, outsole resistant and breathable qualities.

Stylish and smart, they perfectly complement corporate clothing and company uniforms and are fully compliant with the relevant legal standards of safety: EN ISO 20345:2011 S3 WR SRC .

Get in touch with Clad Safety today on 0800 161 3661 or email us at [email protected]