Clad’s COVID-19 Plan


Following on from the latest update from the Government, Clad have moved quickly to implement our plan for all office staff to work from home, and warehouse staff are maintaining social distancing rules.

Keeping our employees safe is our top priority while also providing our customers, especially those who are key workers, with the same high level of service. There is a great demand for workwear and PPE and we will strive to meet these needs during the pandemic.

Working from home

Staff from businesses up and down the country have now instructed their staff to work from home. We have a wonderful team at Clad who work well together and we wanted to make sure that bond and morale stays high especially in these uncertain times. Microsoft Teams provides each department a platform to communicate with each other daily and to manage their workload remotely.

Our Voip phone system which diverts to mobile, and our advanced IT setup, means the team are ready to answer any questions that current and prospective customers may have. Our Account Managers are holding meetings via telephone or Webex to maintain social distancing regulations.

WFH pics

Everyone at Clad has also downloaded the Kaizala app giving us an informal platform to chat, share company news and to make sure we are all coping ok. The rapid spread of Coronavirus and the implementation of lockdown is a stressful time for everyone, but these group chats are a lifeline to keeping the staff motivated and happy – we are team Clad.


Those involved in the production and supply chain for PPE fall under the Key Workers List which has been outlined by the Government. As Clad are part of this process our facilities are still open but like our staff working at home, we are also looking after our staff on site. Social distancing measures have been put in place, even higher levels of hygiene must be observed, and appropriate PPE has been issued.

Our Strategy

Advise all our office staff to work from home and provide them with the means to do so

Ensure all warehouse staff observe strict social distancing guidelines, high levels of hygiene and wear appropriate PPE

Provide workwear, safety footwear and PPE to all key workers

Work closely with our suppliers to source any vital items which are in short supply

Free Gift

One core value that Clad believe in is looking after our customers which over the years has evolved into our Clad Care service. Our customers are happy, they trust us and that is why so many of them have stayed with us during our 30-year history. Many of our customers are working from home and looking after their children at the same time which can be a challenge, especially with self and social isolation. We wanted to give them a little gift, something to entertain children during these long weeks at home. Each order that leaves Clad’s warehouse during the next few weeks will have a free gift enclosed. We want our customer to know that both they and their families are important to us.

The spread of COVID-19 is impacting every person and every aspect of society. Clad are a strong team with a wonderful customer base. Together we will fight this virus and come out the other side, even stronger than before.

Please stay home and stay safe.