Lightweight Clothing and PPE for Warmer Weather

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With the arrival of spring, and nicer weather, it is just as important to ensure your workforce is kitted out appropriately for the coming months as it has been for the passing harshness of the winter. The risks associated with warmer working conditions inevitable rise with the temperature, but general discomfort, slower pace, and unsafe working (i.e. if hands are sweaty) and exacerbation of existing health conditions are initial considerations before the threat of heat rash, heat stress, fatigue, dehydration, sunburn, and even skin cancer increase as it gets hotter. The more physically demanding the role, and the higher the humidity, also need to be taken into account, and when working indoors out of the sun, poorly ventilated environments bring their own challenges. It is clear, therefore, that prioritizing workforce health and safety is absolutely vital with the approach of summer, and supplying the correct clothing for your team is a key component towards achieving that goal. Material make up is very important, and clothes need to be breathable and lightweight, with the layering of thinner garments enabling the wearer to adjust easily, rather than thickly padded shirts or coats.

In this article, we look at the best ways to keep cool calm and comfortable in the workplace, even when the sun is blazing down, and feature a selection of products from the Clad Safety range that will help your workforce do just that.

High Visibility Hats And Caps

High Visibility Workwear For Summer,High Visibility LCE S51 HO

Helmets and head protection are a must regardless of how hot it is, but this need not be a problem. Accessories such as the lightweight high visibility sun cape from Centurion Products, which is specifically designed to keep the wearer dry and cool, not only protects against UltraViolet UPF 50+, but also blocks 98% of UV radiation.

The Portwest Cooling Helmet Sweatband is an excellent attachment that fits most hard hats and bump caps. It helps to regulate body temperature in extreme heat, and keeps the wearer cool for up to eight hours.

Safety Eyewear

PPE Safety Sunglasses Montana Smoke Grey Glasses Spectacles

Safety glasses are a key component in any PPE range, and safety sunglasses take the product to the next level of protection!

Our grey Montana Safety Glasses are a TSR compliant anti-glare tinted version of our best-selling safety glasses and have UV400 smoke tinted lenses for reducing eye strain from glare. With soft grip side arms for comfort, they comply with BS EN166 1 F:2002 and EN172 5-3.1.

High Visibility Polo Shirts

High Visibility Workwear For Summer,High Visibility GLE PL03 Y web

An extremely popular garment for the summer months, our smart, lightweight, high Visibility Polo Shirts are perfect for working in hot and sticky conditions.

The ladies Coolviz Ultra Short Sleeve Polo Shirt is specifically designed for the female wearer. Made from lightweight, quick drying Coolviz Plus fabric and featuring mesh ventilated under-arms and side seams, it’s the ideal choice for women working in industries such as Construction, Engineering, Rail (RIS-3279-TOM only) and Utilities.

Meanwhile, the Swimbridge EcoViz® High Visibility Long Sleeved Polo Shirt provides the wearer with both EN 20471 Class 3 protection and UV protection to UPF 40+ meeting EN 13758-2. This product also benefits from sustainable features as it is made from EcoViz® PB Recycled Polyester/Bamboo 200gsm.

Moisture Wicking Technology – polyester wicking garments (that swiftly “wick” sweat to the outer surface of the fabric) transfer moisture away from the skin, whereas cotton, as an example, retains moisture and becomes clammy and chilly.


High Visibility Shorts

High Visibility Workwear For Summer,High Visibility E043ONR e1616628447640


Keeping the wearer both feeling and looking cool, our stylish high visibility shorts are manufactured from 40+ UPF rated fabric to block 98% of UV rays.

Available in a two tone style in a combination of hi vis yellow or orange with contrasting navy trims, they sport the functional features found in combat trousers, with multiple pockets for ample storage, (including for a mobile phone) twin stitched seams for added durability and an elasticated waist for a comfortable and secure fit.

Available in a size range of S to 2XL, they are EN 20471 Class 1 compliant.

Agile Safety Trainers

Lightweight Clothing and PPE for Warmer Weather BVT VT201

Choosing the right footwear is always vital.

We stock a wide range of safety boots, shoes and wellingtons for men and women.

We want to highlight a product from a range that not only looks good, but is safe, comfortable and cutting edge!

Light, breathable, mesh safety trainers.

The V12 Agile Safety Trainer is super lightweight and combines the latest developments in safety and sports technology. Featuring a sports mesh and microfibre upper, a protective midsole, a safety toecap resistant to 200J, and a rubber sole unit that retains superb grip whatever the terrain, the trainer is also super comfortable with a cushioned EVA mid layer and removable comfort insole.

The V12 is compliant with EN ISO 20345:2011 S1P SRC

What’s Next?

It is extremely important to are make sure your team are taking responsibility for their own welfare when on site.

If you are uncertain about the appropriate hi vis workwear that your employees require, please consult your health and safety policy, or speak to one of the technical experts at Clad Safety.

We have over thirty years experience working with leading companies within the construction, rail and utilities. industries.

Our highly experienced, friendly and knowledgeable team are on hand to help you and answer any questions you may have.

For more information on our wide selection of stylish, lightweight clothing specifically designed to enhance comfort, safety and productivity, or to speak to a technical advisor or connect with your dedicated key account manager, please get in touch with our Customer Service Team on 0800 161 3661 or email us at  [email protected]


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