New PPE Regulations – What You Need to Know in 2019


What are the key changes to the PPE Regulations?

  • In the past PPE was governed by a directive – it is now being implemented as a legally binding regulation, with some amendments
    • For example – hearing protection has been moved from category || to Category ||| – essentially it has now been classified as more important to protect your teams hearing
  • Certificates are now only valid for 5 years
  • Distributors and importers are now responsible for standards, as well as the manufacturer
  • Declarations of conformity
    • All PPE must be issued with this by the manufacturer, and distributors/importers now need to have a copy of this on file
    • This should be kept for 10 years after the PPE has been placed on the market

When are the PPE changes taking effect?

  1. April 2016 – PPE Regulation Listed
    1. Two Year Transition Period
  2. 21st April 2018 – Regulation Applies
    1. PPE can be certified under the old directive or the new regulation for a year
  3. 21st April 2019 – New certification required for all new PPE
  4. 21st April 2023 – All old PPE certification is fully phased out (All EC-Type certificates to 8/686 become invalid)

Want a more detailed outline? Download the free pdf from the BSI below.


New PPE regulation 2019 BSI PPE link to image

“The current PPE Directive at a glance
The Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Directive was one of the first New Approach Directives and is now over 20 years old. In order to reflect current technologies and processes for developing and bringing PPE to the market, it is in the process of being superseded by a new PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425.

The Regulation comes fully into force on 21 April 2018 and full effect from 21 April 2019.
The PPE Regulation is mandatory – covering any type of product that falls within its scope. If you are therefore in the PPE industry, it is a legal requirement to comply.” – BSI

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