The Best Safety Footwear For Women


The Best Safety Footwear For Women

Safety footwear for women is equally as important as hi vis clothing for women who work in high risk environments. There has been a huge increase in the range of items available for female employees in recent years. No longer are they wearing ill-fitting and uncomfortable workwear, PPE and safety footwear. Items have now been designed specifically for female employees to ensure optimum comfort and protection at work.

Is there safety footwear available for women?

Yes! In the UK, employers are required to provide PPE including safety footwear, and if women are required to wear PPE on-site and it doesn’t fit a woman’s body, then this can be a barrier. The concept of PPE regulations is that it should be fit for purpose, fit for use, and fit for the individual. Unsafe PPE and safety footwear for women results in higher risk to the health and safety of women on-site.

What are the benefits of ladies safety footwear?

The majority of women have smaller feet than men and the shape of their feet is also slimmer. This means that safety footwear that is deemed to be unisex may not fit the female wearer in the same way as specific ladies safety footwear. Ladies safety footwear has been designed for the female wearer ensuring all round comfort and a secure fit.

The Intrepid Women’s Hiker Boot is a popular choice for many women requiring safety footwear. It has been built on a specially-created women’s footprint and provides optimum fit to the female foot-shape. This innovative safety boot is comfortable, lightweight and meets the safety standards set out in EN 20345.

Can I purchase lightweight ladies safety footwear?

Yes! The Wanda ladies safety boot from Cofra is a metal-free ankle safety boot made with quality water repellent Italian leather and a non-metallic toe-cap resistant to 200J. These boots also feature a water repellant full grain leather upper and a non-metallic midsole for all round comfort and protection.

The Haix Airpower XR1 is a premium lightweight ladies safety boot weighing 975g per boot. Providing a precise fit thanks to special ladies lasts and the flexible lacing and front zip system, this robust safety boot is ideal for women looking for a first-class safety boot.

Ladies Safety Trainers

Female employees can also opt for lightweight ladies safety trainers when working in environments that do not require the high levels of foot protection that safety boots provide. The Alice Safety Trainer from Cofra is an extremely lightweight and comfortable ladies safety trainer featuring an aluminum toe-cap and non-metallic midsole.

Are there metatarsal safety boots available for women?

Clad Safety have recently added a new metatarsal ladies safety boot to our range of ladies safety footwear. The Iris boot from Rock Fall has been crafted specifically around a woman’s foot shape to give a genuine ladies fit. Featuring IMPACT SHIELD™ metatarsal protection, it has been developed with specialist durability materials and an Activ-Tex® waterproof membrane.

Remember, if you are a woman working in Rail or require ladies high visibility workwear and PPE for another industry such as Construction, Rail or Utilities, Clad Safety can supply your female workforce with the appropriate clothing and safety footwear to keep them feeling comfortable and safe at work.

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