Washing at 60°C to combat COVID-19


As the coronavirus pandemic sweeps across the globe the importance of good hygiene is now more important than ever. Most viruses will not survive above 60°C and washing clothing at a higher temperature can kill the bacteria which could be clinging to fabrics.

A virus can live on any surface or material, and items which are washed less frequently such as towels and bedding are a breeding ground for it to multiply.  

Viruses can only replicate inside a living cell so they need to infect us or will self-destruct before they find a host cell to multiply in. The time the virus can survive outside a cell is dependant on the surface it lands on. Porous materials will allow moisture to pass through, so they are less likely to contain a high level of the virus compared to a hard surface such as a doorknob which is a prime location for it to multiply. When these porous materials are mixed with hot water and soap, they kill off the virus, stopping the spread and growth.

With a limited quantity of disposable PPE available for our front-line workers, attention has shifted towards more sustainable and reusable products. Opting for these items will reduce the number of products ending up in a landfill and will have a positive impact on the supply chain issues that many are currently facing.


The shortage of available PPE has resulted in many items being reused when they are designed to be single use only, which can affect their reliability and in turn, put the wearer at higher risk. Protective clothing that has been designed to be reusable and withstand higher temperature washes, will not lose its’ shape and will continue to provide the wearer with the same level of protection after repeated use and washing.

Recommended products that can be washed at a high temperature ensure that this style maintains its shape wash after wash:


Ladies Striped Tunic

Made from high quality, woven stripe fabric this tunic is stylish yet extremely comfortable.

Ideal for quick changes and regular washing especially for those working in hospitals and healthcare settings.


Drawstring Trouser

This comfortable, lightweight trouser is finished with a water repellent coating allowing liquids to roll off thereby protecting from spillages. Features include two side pockets and a fully elasticated waist with drawcord. Non shrinking to ensure that this style maintains its shape wash after wash


Unisex Stretch Polycotton Scrub Top and Trousers 

Lightweight and comfortable v-neck Scrub Top and trousers. Suitable to withstand temperatures of a 60 degrees wash.


Reusable Health Mask

Reusable half face mask with a comfortable cotton lining and water repellent polyester outer layer. Maximum temperature wash 60°C (Five washing cycles are guaranteed).

We have been reminded time and again how important it is to wash our hands with soap and water and the same goes for clothing. It has been proven to effectively dissolve the outer layer of the virus, therefore physically deactivating it so that it can’t bind to and enter human cells.

Wash at high temperatures and kill the virus!

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