Product innovation from A+A 2019


The A+A exhibition for health and safety at work is a regular feature in the Clad calendar.

This year, staff from the Sales and Purchasing Teams attended the event which provided them with the opportunity to meet with current and prospective workwear and PPE manufacturers.

One of the main reasons for attending the event was to educate the Clad Team on industry news and the latest in product development within the safety industry. By keeping our specialists teams up-to-date, we can offer our customers the most effective solutions for their workwear and PPE needs.

Above all else, many exhibitors were focusing on three key themes – recycling, flexible workwear and waterproof clothing.


Each individual and business has an impact on the environment. It’s no longer enough to recycle products at the end of the process, sustainability needs to be at the forefront of our minds from inception to completion.


Cofra have developed shoe laces that are made from used plastic bottles and anti-static insoles from recycled polyurethane.

Many other exhibitors also discussed the use of sustainable fabrics in clothing including recycled polyester. Reducing the number of garments ending up in landfill is of paramount importance and it was fascinating to see how others were addressing this issue.


Flexible Workwear

Being comfortable in our clothing at work, especially clothing that is designed to keep us safe, is a major factor when designing workwear. It was great to see so much clothing with innovative stretch panels giving the wearer more flexibility while at work. The comfort of staff has a direct influence on their level of productivity and is a high priority for Clad when working with our clients to develop their workwear range.

Waterproof Workwear

There were some very innovative displays on waterproof workwear from a range of companies, in particular, the Working Xtreme Stretch Collection from Elka. It combines the need for flexibility whilst ensuring the worker stays warm and dry. Another fascinating product was the illuminated waterproof trims which provided electrical cables with protection from wet working conditions.


The A+A exhibition was extremely informative and educational whilst allowing us to connect with new and existing suppliers at the same event. We came away feeling energised and excited about the latest developments in the workwear industry. Most importantly, we can feed this back to our customers. They can be confident that Clad work hard to provide them with modern and safe workwear and PPE equipment. We want to keep your workforce protected and safe.