Ethical Workwear to Support Sustainability Goals


Corporate sustainability targets have been accelerated in recent months thanks to the public’s overwhelming backing of the Government’s net zero objectives, which would see the country reduce its net emissions of greenhouse gasses and achieve net carbon zero by 2050. This has so far resulted in mounting pressures for businesses to evidence how they are becoming more sustainable and it goes without saying that the entire supply chain will be held responsible.

From influencing greener working practices, adopting leaner process and manufacturing through to embracing sustainable and ethical workwear, all of these measures will contribute to the overall carbon footprint reduction. Businesses must now demonstrate that they are meeting not just basic sustainability obligations such as paper recycling but have also taken further steps to becoming more sustainable. Ethical workwear and sustainable corporate clothing have been pinpointed as key areas of positive change.

When choosing workwear many businesses have identified ethically made and sustainable source as part of their key selection criteria alongside affordability and quality. Unlike standard ethical clothing from high street brands such as Boden, Thought and People Tree, which are known for their fair trade fashion lines, ethical workwear, uniforms and PPE for high risk and hazardous industries must also consider workplace practicality and safety.

Thankfully ethical and sustainable workwear is able to retain high quality standards. The textile industry has worked hard to ensure that affordable ethically sourced and sustainable solutions can still be produced without compromising on garment quality or performance. However, despite huge strides being made, fashion and textile industries as a whole remain under immense pressure to improve manufacturing standards and reduce waste. It might be surprising to learn that fashion waste is one of the biggest environmental threats and it is therefore essential that a complete circular approach is taken to delivering sustainable products which are responsibly sourced, non-hazardous and recyclable.

As a leading supplier of workwear, uniforms and PPE, Clad Safety is a renowned provider of ethically sourced clothing. It ensures that all its products comply with the ethical standards set out in SA8000 Social Accountability Standard – a globally recognised framework to demonstrate businesses’ adherence to the highest social standards. In addition, Clad Safety ensures that every garment component has been checked for, and does not contain restricted substances such as disperse dyes, heavy metals, nickel, azo dyes, phthalates and formaldehyde.

For workwear, uniforms and PPE to be classified as ethically sourced, brands need to show full traceability from where they originated from to what they are made of. Ethical and sustainable materials such recycled plastic fabrics, organic cotton, hemp and linen are becoming commonplace with workwear brands and it is likely that this trend will continue. Clad Safety works very closely with its product partners to source ethical and sustainable clothing and footwear that not only contribute to an environmentally responsible infrastructure and meet sustainability objectives but are also durable, high quality and fit for purpose.

With over 30 years of experience within the workwear industry, Clad Safety has vast experience in providing technical workwear and PPE for high risk jobs in industries such as rail, utilities and construction. The company is also renowned for its vast industry and sector knowledge and understands the complexities and demands for each. Always ahead of the curve, Clad Safety has access to the latest innovative products.

Committed to customer service and quality, Clad Safety does all of its custom branding in house, applying meticulous attention to detail during every step of the process. Adopting a very hands on approach means that all of Clad Safety’s customers receive a very personal service, which makes the entire buying process efficient and seamless. Its online customer portal also provides flexibility and ease of use for its customers to place orders.


With the sustainability agenda continuing to gather pace, ethically sourced and sustainable workwear, uniforms and PPE are rapidly gaining in popularity and in many organisations will likely become mandatory in the years to come.

Clad Safety remains at the forefront of workwear innovation and is wholly committed to achieving long term sustainability goals. To find out how Clad Safety can support your ethical and sustainable targets please contact us on 08001613661.