Health & Safety in the sun


Health & Safety in the sun

The British Summer is well known for being unpredictable. Often it can feel like we are experiencing multiple seasons over the course of the day. One minute we are complaining about the rain and in the next moment the sun has appeared, and the temperature has started to steadily increase. On those warmer days it’s important to consider the health and safety of your employees and you as an individual.


On a warm summer’s day, it can be so tempting to dress for a day on the beach but safety needs to come first. Workwear and PPE has evolved to be suitable for all seasons with the summer range including Coolvis polos, combat shorts and lightweight safety trainers.

Remember, it is vital that you do not compromise on health and safety in favour of wearing traditional summer clothing. If your role requires long sleeves or full-length trousers, you must abide by this.

Sun Protection

Even on a cloudy day we are exposed to UV rays from the sun. Wear long sleeved breathable clothing were possible and regularly apply sun cream.

A hat and tinted safety glasses or sunglasses offer additional protection from the glare of the sun but please remember that PPE, if required, must still be worn.

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Whether you are working indoors or outdoors it is vital to stay well hydrated. Water coolers are a popular choice within an office while access to a regular supply of bottled water is needed for those working outside.

Temperature Control

In an office environment it is much easier to control the temperature using a fan, air conditioning or opening a window. For outside workers create a cool shaded area to take a break, away from direct sunlight.

Time of Day

If we are experiencing a particularly hot spell it might be worth re-evaluating the working day. Consider offering staff working outdoors the option to start earlier or later in the day if they wish to avoid the intensity of the midday sun.

The summer season is short lived but it’s still important to look after yourself and your staff while also being flexible in your approach to work.

If you would like more information on our summer ranges, please contact our Customer Service Team.