Metatarsal Protection In Safety Footwear


Understanding Metatarsal Protection In Safety Footwear 

Injuries to the feet can be incredibly painful, and if serious enough can lead to long term damage to the foot. Metatarsal injuries are most commonly associated with having a heavy or sharp object dropped directly onto the foot on construction sites or similar trade related work. However, foot injuries can also arise from deliberate injury during a public order scenario. 

While the ways in which the metatarsal can be injured may vary, the one element that remains the same is the need for metatarsal protection. Having foot protection embedded into safety boots can make all the difference as to whether someone receives a nasty injury or not when their foot is subjected to extreme force. 

Clad Safety is a leading UK supplier of safety footwear, including safety boots with metatarsal protection. Here is an overview of why metatarsal protection is important, along with the different standards to look out for when purchasing safety footwear for your employees. 

Metatarsal Safety Boots: An Overview

Most people are familiar with steel toe cap boots which protect the toes from damage caused by impact or force. But damage can also happen to other areas of the foot, including the metatarsal area which sits just behind the toes. 

This area of the foot is highly susceptible to damage, especially if an object is dropped from a height and lands directly on the foot. Serious fractures or even life changing injuries can occur if the foot is not protected, especially in occupations where metatarsal injuries are a real risk. 

A metatarsal safety boot contains a special insert to absorb any shock and divert it away from the foot so that the foot can be protected from serious injury. There are various types of metatarsal safety boots on the market catering to key industries including construction, engineering, rail and utilities

Crucially, the focus is on delivering metatarsal protection while maximising comfort for the wearer. After all, the footwear must not prohibit the wearer from carrying out their duties to the best of their ability or give them other foot issues as a result. Instead, metatarsal footwear is cleverly designed to cover all safety and comfort bases. 

Not sure which type of safety footwear is applicable for your industry type? We recommend checking your organisation’s Health and Safety policy or read Clad Safety’s handy guide: Buying Safety Footwear. You can also give our team a call on 0800 161 3661 for further information. 

What Is D3O Metatarsal Protection?

D3O is a manufacturer of ‘met guards’ aka metatarsal protection. The insert offers patented protection for the foot due to its high shock absorbing qualities. Three different D3O configurations are available including standard, winged and F16. 

An example of D3O safety footwear is the Goliath Control DDR Public Order Boots which are ideal to be worn by the emergency services when tasked with crowd control. The boots are packed with intuitive features such as being flame retardant and having laces that allow for petrol runoff. This makes them suitable for hostile environments, therefore offering way more benefits than metatarsal protection alone. 

We also stock D3O metatarsal protection alternatives, which you can view by taking a look at our metatarsal footwear ranges. 

What Is EN 20345:2011 S3?

EN 20345:2011 S3 can be broken down into two parts – EN 20345:2011 and S3. 

Firstly, EN 20345:2011 is an ISO standard. To get an EN 20345:2011 rating, the safety footwear must meet certain criteria relating to mechanical risks, slip resistance, thermal risks and ergonomic behaviour. Many different industries and risk potentials are taken into account when testing what the safety footwear needs to be able to withstand in terms of shock and force. 

Note: EN 20345:2011 has recently been revised to the new standard of ISO 20345:2021

The ‘S3’ element denotes the safety principles the footwear provides. A rating of S3 means ‘Midsole Penetration Resistance’. This essentially means the shoe is puncture proof. In addition, all S3 shoes contain S1 and S2 principles, which includes being anti-static, waterproof, and resistant to fuel oil. The heel of the shoe or boot also has energy absorbing properties.  

So when put together, EN 20345:2011 S3 essentially means footwear that protects against physical force, while having various properties including slip resistance. 

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V12 Invincible IGS Metatarsal Boot

Another fantastic metatarsal safety footwear option is the V12 Invincible IGS Metatarsal Boot

When it comes to finding the perfect men’s safety boot with metatarsal protection, the V12 offers safety and comfort in equal measures. Available in shoe sizes 3 to 14, some of the V12’s top properties include: 

  • Anti-static
  • Breathable
  • Composite midsole
  • Composite toecap
  • Heat resistant
  • Impact-resistant ankle protection
  • Metal-free
  • Metatarsal protection
  • Scaffold board slip-tested
  • Waterproof
Metatarsal Protection In Safety Footwear,metatarsal safety boots BVT V2180 metatarsal safety boot

V12 describe their metatarsal safety boots as “A patented metatarsal protection system including graphene enforced carbon fibre strap that outperforms all other brands in metatarsal impact resistance. Advanced cushioning material safeguards ankles from impact.”

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Clad Safety – Metatarsal Safety Footwear Suppliers UK

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