Buying Corporate Workwear For A Team


Buying Corporate Workwear For A Team

Corporate workwear creates a united front for your entire team, while also allowing employees to do their job to the best of their ability. 

Garments such as trousers, tops, sweatshirts, dresses, tunics and more can be manufactured with specific working environments in mind. Where applicable, company branding can also add a smart finishing touch to any corporate workwear collection too. Bespoke and off the shelf solutions are particularly popular with larger organisations.

As Clad Safety are a leading provider of corporate workwear solutions in the UK, here is an overview of what corporate workwear looks like depending on your industry. Plus, a further explanation of why providing your team with a company uniform makes sense in today’s world of work. 

Types Of Corporate Workwear 

There are lots of different types of corporate workwear. It’s essential to match the garment types in terms of style and purpose with the specific activities your team members will be undertaking. 

Larger organisations will likely require a variety of corporate workwear, especially if looking to kit out different departments with a company uniform. All workwear can be personalised to match a company’s brand guidelines through colour choices and logo application including heat seal transfer and embroidery.

Here is a general breakdown of each workwear type. You can also check out our full range of corporate workwear to browse specific items or styles. 

Not sure what type of workwear is right for your team? Check out our blog on Buying Workwear And PPE For A Large Team. Or give us a call on 0800 161 3661 to discuss your needs in further detail. 

Casual Workwear


From leisure facilities to retail outlets, staff workwear doesn’t always need to be smart. Casual workwear has a practical edge to it, which is great if your team will be on the move. 

Examples of casual workwear include polo shirts, sweatshirts and t-shirts which come in a wide range of colours and can also be branded to your company.

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Workwear for the healthcare industry has a dual purpose, in that it makes key staff recognisable to patients, but also improves hygiene practices for staff. The likes of tunics or scrubs can easily be removed and laundered after each shift to help avoid cross-contamination. 

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Office Or Formalwear 

Working in an office, reception or any other professional environment means all eyes are on your team. As well as setting the right tone during everyday work, if employees have a uniform they will also be presentable during meetings with clients, or any important visits that may happen at your premises. A uniform also removes your work dress code being left open to interpretation, the results of which may not always fit the standards of your company. 

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Many jobs involve outdoor work meaning your team will be exposed to the elements. Corporate outerwear ensures employees will be kept warm and comfortable, but in a way that allows for the company image to be maintained. Brands such as Orn and Regatta offer incredible performance and versatility for such industries. 

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High Visibility Workwear

In any industry where employees face hazards on the job, it is the legal responsibility of the employer to provide the correct safety clothing and equipment. 

Employers or those responsible for writing workwear and PPE tenders can benefit from working with a corporate supplier such as ourselves to kit staff out with the correct items of clothing. 

All Other Industries 

From tradespeople to transport workers, logistics operators to the emergency services – all other industries or professions can also enjoy the many benefits of corporate workwear. 

If you don’t see your trade or industry listed above, please get in touch to find out more about our suitable clothing options for your team. 

Benefits Of Corporate Workwear 

For any business considering outsourcing its workwear, there’s often a need to fix any inconsistencies within the current uniform. Concerns about the presentation or performance of current staff workwear are also a priority to address. 

Clad Safety supplies corporate workwear to large organisations across the UK, working with company owners and procurement managers. 

Here are some of the top benefits of having a corporate workwear solution to provide for your team.

Creates A Professional Look

Your employees are a direct reflection of your business. Therefore, how staff present themselves to customers, site visitors or the general public is of huge importance. 

The types of corporate workwear that are available are as varied as the number of different industries there are in existence. However, whether your staff are wearing branded shirts, healthcare tunics or even high visibility clothing on a construction site, all of your employees will have a professional, unified appearance. 

Minimum order quantity dependent, we can also offer bespoke and off-the-shelf solutions. As well as multiple sizes and colours, our garments can be matched to the exact Pantone shade of your company colours. We can also offer embroidery as part of our vast range of workwear and company uniform solutions, with capacity to embroider up to 52 million stitches per week at our purpose-built premises. 

Quality Products Ensures Health And Safety Compliance 

Corporate workwear is designed with the industry it’s meant for in mind. In some instances, this can mean integrated health and safety compliance. 

For instance, with some of our work trousers, we stock garments with internal knee pads which are ideal for any trades that involve kneeling work. Likewise, we also stock high visibility trousers which are a legal requirement in many workplace environments.

Another extremely popular option for tradespeople is our Dual Hem Stretch Cargo Trousers which are hardwearing and multi-functional. These were designed and manufactured by Clad following feedback from customers.

If any particular hazard needs to be considered with your team’s workwear clothing, a workwear and PPE supplier such as Clad Safety can help match the right items to your requirements. 

But when buying off the shelf, or even from unknown internet suppliers – you can never be quite sure what you are getting. On the contrary, a leading workwear supplier such as ourselves has numerous industry accreditations for the quality and high standards our products provide. 

Improves Customer Service

With corporate workwear, your team is instantly identifiable. In any customer facing role, the ability to find the right people to speak to is essential. A smart appearance also demonstrates a better company image to customers.

A uniform can also help assert authority, which can make all the difference if your staff encounter any challenging scenarios as part of their job role. 

Generates Pride In The Workplace & Builds Team Spirit

When your team all have a uniform, it gives them a sense of pride as individuals but also as a team. Most of all, it demonstrates as a company that you value your staff, along with the service that you provide to your customers. 

A great finishing touch is to add your company logo onto the garment, instantly making sure everyone is on the same page as a representative of your company. 

Removes Cost Pressures For Employees

Research has found that men spend around £500 on workwear related clothes per year. For women, their average spend is even higher at around £1,500, owing to the expectation to have a more diverse wardrobe. 

Given the cost of living squeeze, providing your employees with a uniform can reduce this financial pressure, effectively putting more money back into their pockets. 

Furthermore, the cost of providing staff uniforms is also considered an allowable business expense by HMRC

Clad Safety Corporate Workwear – Dressing Your Workforce From Head To Toe

It’s never been easier to order corporate workwear through Clad Safety. 

Benefits of working with us include: 

  • Account management service
  • Bespoke uniforms available
  • Cost saving benefits
  • Dedicated customer ordering portal
  • Fully accredited and compliant workwear uniforms
  • Stockist of top-rated brands
  • UK based company & customer service team

Our account management service and customer ordering portal simplifies the process of ordering workwear and ensures lines of communication are kept open. So you’ll always be kept in the loop about the status of your order, plus any other important details you need to know. 

Clad Safety Workwear Portal – Corporate Workwear Suppliers UK 

In search of corporate workwear for a large team? Clad Safety along with our dedicated workwear portal Clad Serve has all your workwear needs covered. We stock a range of well known brands including Brook Taverner, Orn, Portwest and Regatta, offering the very best quality for your team. 

Clad Safety is geared towards procurement managers, health and safety managers and buying teams from large organisations. We work across various industries including Construction, Health, Rail and Utilities.

Need any further help on anything we’ve mentioned above? Or want to place an order with us? Give us a call today on 0800 161 3661 or email us at [email protected] for further information.