Staff Uniforms And Workwear For Summer


Choosing the correct staff uniforms and workwear for summer is equally as important as dressing your team for winter. Have you thought about the best workwear for summer? As the weather is getting warmer and the temperature is rising it’s time to make sure your team are dressed in the appropriate workwear for the next few months. Did you know you can swap the cargo trousers for shorts and the sweatshirts for polo shirts that still match your company branding and colours?

With a vast variety of summer workwear items on offer, Clad Safety’s workwear specialists have put this useful guide together outlining the bestselling branded clothing.


A popular alternative to a traditional cotton polo shirt is to select a moisture-wicking one that has been created specifically for its advanced moisture management properties. Traditionally cotton was always viewed as a material to keep the wearer cool in summer however there is a reason you will never find an athlete in a cotton sports top or pair of shorts. Whilst cotton absorbs sweat well it struggles to release it thereby keeping hold of the moisture for longer.

Moisture-wicking fabric is a modern, technical fabric designed to draw moisture away from the skin using tiny, built-in capillaries. Through the capillary system, moisture is drawn to the exterior of the fabric making it easier for it to evaporate and allowing it to dry more quickly. Through this process the fabric helps to regulate body heat, keeping you warm in winter and cool, dry and comfortable in hot and humid conditions.

Popular wicking polo shirts include Oriole Premium Wicking Polo Shirt which comes in a variety of colours to suit your brand and the Regatta Recycled Short Sleeved Polo Shirt which is a wicking polo made from 100% recycled polyester. Both polo shirts can also be embroidered with a logo/logos to match the rest of your workwear range.

Regatta Recycled Short Sleeved Polo Shirt


Portwest Combat Shorts



Cargo shorts are another great addition to an organisations uniform and workwear and like the cargo trousers, can also be embroidered with your company logo if required. Designed as a core workwear item these combat shorts from Portwest have a range of innovative features including:

  • Half-elasticated waistband
  • Twin-stitched seams for added durability
  • Six pockets for ample storage
  • D-ring for keys or ID cards
  • Sizing from S – 2XL

If you prefer a sustainable alternative, the Hawk Deluxe EARTHPRO® Recycled Polyester Shorts are an excellent choice. With multiple pockets, triple stitching and elasticated waistband, these shorts also have the added feature of being made from 65% recycled polyester – the perfect summer sustainable workwear addition.

Baseball Caps

A branded baseball cap is another popular choice for many organisations switching to summer workwear. The bill of the baseball cap provides the wearer with sun protection to their eyes and protects their head and face from sunburn. The wide range of colours available and the addition of corporate branding makes a baseball cap the perfect addition to a company’s summer workwear range. If your employees have a lot of sun exposure at work, this Legionnaire Hat also features a sun protection neck flap and can be folded up easy storage.

Baseball Cap


Grey Montana Safety Glasses


Safety Sunglasses

Safety glasses are an important element in your PPE range, but did you know you can also purchase safety sunglasses? Alongside eye protection from workplace hazards, they also protect the wearer’s eyes from sun glare and have a UV rating to reduce eye strain. The grey Montana Safety Glasses are a smoke tinted version of our best-selling safety glasses and have the following features:

  • UV400 smoke tinted lens for reducing eye strain from glare
  • TSR compliant anti-glare tint
  • Comfortable soft-grip side arms
  • BS EN166 1 F:2002 and EN172 5-3.1 compliant

Lightweight Safety Footwear

We’ve discussed polo shirts, shorts, baseball caps and safety sunglasses but the final item to consider in your summer workwear range is lightweight safety footwear. While thermal safety footwear is a popular product during the winter months, lightweight safety footwear will keep you and your team’s feet cool and protected in warmer weather. The Lightyear Utility Boot, the Rock Fall TeslaDRI ESD Vegan Safety Boot and the Lightyear Suede Safety Trainer are all popular lightweight safety footwear options and all feature a composite toe cap which significantly reduces the weight of the boot and foot fatigue.

Lightweight does not mean light on safety. Composite toe caps are becoming the standard in safety boots and are much more comfortable to wear whilst still meeting the requirements set out in EN 20345. Advancements in technology have seen an increased use of more breathable materials and fabrics that contain specialist antibacterial properties – elements that are fundamental to increasing comfort, reducing fatigue and maintaining good foot health. All of these features help to improve a worker’s wellbeing ensuring they remain productive and focused throughout the day, especially when working in warm weather in the summer months.

Rock Fall TeslaDRI ESD Vegan Safety Boot


So there you go – Clad Safety’s guide to updating your team’s summer workwear range. Whether that’s swapping to t-shirts and polo shirts made from wicking fabrics, cargo shorts instead of cargo trousers or lightweight footwear instead of heavy, steel toe capped safety boots, Clad Safety have everything you need to ensure your team are ready for summer. If you would like to add any of these items to your range or to your portal, please get in touch with our Customer Service Team on 0800 161 3661 or [email protected]