The Best Thermal Safety Boots


As the season has turned from Autumn to Winter and the temperature has dropped, it’s time to think about the best thermal safety boots to protect your feet from the colder weather and extreme working conditions.

Why Do I Need Thermal Safety Boots?

Thermal Safety boots are a necessity when kitting out your team in their winter workwear and PPE. Working outside in cold and wet weather when temperatures often drop below freezing is uncomfortable and can hinder productivity.

Cold and wet feet is an unpleasant experience for anyone. Wearing safety footwear that provides inadequate protection will always result in a negative experience for the wearer.

What Are The Benefits Of Thermal Safety Boots?

Thermal safety boots are designed to keep your feet warm even in the coldest of temperatures. They have a thicker lining such as fleece or Thinsulate™ fabric and have been tested for cold insulation.

Not only do thermal safety boots protect your feet from the cold, but they also have waterproof properties too. If your feet get wet then they will be cold too therefore thermal and waterproof protection are essential features of safety footwear in the winter months

Our feet play a major role in regulating our body temperature and are more sensitive to temperature variations. In cold conditions the temperature of our feet can drop to 28°C, which is significantly lower than the body’s core temperature of 37°C. The cold feeling in our feet then spreads throughout the body and will have a negative impact on productivity in the workplace.

What Factors Do I Need To Consider When Buying Thermal Safety Boots?


Opt for boots that are made from either rubber or leather and with a cold insulation (CI) rating. As a natural material, leather holds up very well to moisture if treated properly. A GORE-TEX lining is another feature to look for as GORE-TEX is a popular breathable and waterproof textile often used in high-performance products including safety boots. The Cofra GORE-TEX Hiker Boot is an ideal choice as it is made from Italian leather, is waterproof, and features a GORE-TEX lining alongside cold insulation (CI).


Heavy footwear can be extremely uncomfortable and tiring whereas a lightweight safety boot with composite toe caps and/or anti-fatigue foot beds are a much better option.

Safety Features

Consider the safety risks and hazards your role entails to ensure you are buying boots with the correct safety features. If you’re not sure what you need, or what safety features are relevant for your employees, ask us!

Slip Resistance

The unique design imprinted onto the bottom of the outsole can offer slip-resistance and/or oil resistance. Boots that offer SRC slip ratings will be designed with lugs that grip the ground and have built-in channels to redirect water, offering improved stability on slippery and icy surfaces.


Does your role expose you to cold climates? Look for a well-insulated boot with thermal properties to keep feet warm and healthy.


Are you familiar with the phrase “buy cheap, buy twice?” Safety boots are worn daily and are exposed to a variety of working conditions so it’s worth choosing a boot with superior levels of durability from a reputable brand.


We all need to reduce our impact on the environment. Opt for a boot that has been sustainably constructed with eco-friendly materials and features including the accessories such as eyelets and laces.

Do Thermal Safety Boots Conform To The Relevant Safety Standards?

Yes! All safety footwear must fulfil the requirements in line with EN ISO 20345:2004. This standard requires a 200 joules impact resistance and a 15KN compression test.

You can read more on the safety ratings in our Ultimate Guide to Safety Footwear.

What Thermal Safety Boots Can I Buy?

Clad Safety stock a wide range of thermal safety boots from the leading brands including Amblers, Cofra and Rock Fall.

Cofra Barents Hi Leg Safety Boot


Cofra Barents Hi Leg Safety Boot is fleece lined, with fantastic grip and tested cold insulation (CI). This high leg safety boot is ideal for cold and wintery working conditions.

Safety Standards:EN 20345 S3 CI SRC

Additional Features:

  • Water repellent printed leather upper
  • 100% metal free
  • Internal lining of ecological fur which offers breathability, abrasion resistance and high insulation
  • EVANIT foot bed, made of EVA and nitrile special compound, with high bearing capacity and variable thickness (12mm – 8mm – 3,8mm)
  • Foot bed thermoformed, punched and coated with highly breathable fabric, anti-static thanks to a specific treatment on the surface and seams made of conductive yarns
  • Dual-density polyurethane sole
  • Non metallic fiberglass toe cap resistant to 200 J
  • Non metallic APT PLATE midsole – zero perforation

Rock Fall Titanium Waterproof High Leg Boot


Amblers High Leg Side Zip Safety Boot


Rock Fall Shale High Leg Side Zip Safety Boot 


Cofra Gore-Tex Hiker Boot


Clad Safety has been operating for over 30 years and takes pride in the excellent service that we offer to our customers. Our product range, combined with expert technical advice allows us to offer valuable workwear solutions. For further information or to find out more on how Clad Safety can support your PPE needs please contact our Customer Service Team on 0800 161 3661 or email [email protected].