Where Can I Find A Half Size In Safety Boots?


For many of us, finding a half size in safety boots or footwear in general can pose a big challenge. We all want well fitted and supportive footwear but almost all safety footwear is only available in full sizes. Haix are a leading brand of safety footwear and supply waterproof, lightweight and combat boots in full and half sizes from a 3-15 (UK) certified to EN ISO 20345.

Wearing the correct size of safety footwear is vitally important, not only for protection from workplace hazards but also for comfort. Ill-fitting footwear can leave you feeling uncomfortable, cause damage to your feet and had a negative impact on productivity.

I need a half size but can’t find my size in the boots that I wish to purchase

Did you know that footwear sizing can differ in the same way clothing sizing does? You might wear an 8.5 in your favourite pair of trainers, but you actually need a 9 in your work boots. The style of footwear, the shape and the fabric can all affect the sizing therefore trying on a few styles and measuring your feet will ensure you are wearing the correct size, regardless of the number on the label.

Is there much of a difference between a half-size and full-size safety boot?

There is very little size difference between the length of a half-size and full-size safety boot, 4mm if fact, which is less than half a centimetre. Once you factor in the thickness of your socks and the possibility of your feet swelling over the course of the day, the size difference is marginal. Have a look at the table below which shows the differences in feet length in relation to their UK and EU shoe size.


Shoe Size


Shoe Size

Foot Length


Foot Width

Narrow (mm)

Foot Width

Standard (mm)

Foot Width

Wide (mm)

Foot Width

Extra-Wide (mm)


39 246 234.5 240.5 246.5



40 250 239 245 251



41 254 243.5 249.5 255.5






42 263 248 254 260






43 272 252.5 258.5 264.5






45 280 257 263 269



45.5 285 261.5 267.5 273.5



46 289 266 272 278






47 298 270.5 276.5 282.5


I have narrow/wide feet, can I get a safety boot in different widths?

Ok, now you understand about the length of a shoe size, but the width also needs to be considered. The width of a foot is broken down into four types including narrow, standard, wide, and extra-wide. If you are unsure about the width of your foot you can use the Clad Safety Shoe Size Guide to measure the length and width of your foot and compare those measurements against the sizes listed.

At Clad Safety we also stock several items in wide fit including:

Grafters Super Wide Fitting Safety Boot


Grafters Super Wide Fitting Safety Shoe


I’m still struggling to find safety boots to fit

Insoles have been used in footwear for many years and can be permanent or removable. Supportive insoles can have a positive impact your posture, joint pain, foot comfort and how much your feet can breathe resulting in increased productivity at work.

Paul O’Malley, a Musculoskeletal Podiatrist and Clinical Biomechanist says:

“As clinical research has progressively proven that work productivity in labour intensive environments is increased with the provision of better health care, footwear has become an increasingly important concern. A lack of correct support leads to comfort issues and pains that result in poorer performance and efficiency. Adding a fitted insole to the footwear of employees is a cost-effective tool to increasing work productivity and comfort and is something that shouldn’t be ignored.”

It is important to always choose a reputable brand of insoles for example V12 or Rock Fall as these have been designed to provide proper foot support without compromising the minimum space required inside the protective toe cap. Safety boots have been tested in accordance with EN ISO 20345 but if you opt for a thicker insole that is not suitable for your chosen boot, the effectiveness of the toe cap can be compromised. Items such as the VS210 Dynamic Arch Men’s High Insole and the VS205 Dynamic Arch Men’s Medium Insole from V12 and the Rock Fall Activ-Step 3Feet Work High and Mid Footbeds are popular choices when choosing insoles.

My new safety boots feel tight, do I need to return them and exchange them for a bigger size?

No. All safety footwear can feel a little tight and stiff when you first try them on, but the fabric and stitching will stretch over time but only by a few millimetres. If they feel very tight all over and especially at the widest part of your foot, there is a high chance that you need to wear a bigger size.

A common misconception surrounding safety boots is to size up and wear thick socks if they feel a little loose. This school of thought is incorrect, it of paramount importance that you wear the correct size of safety footwear both for comfort and to provide your feet with the correct protection from hazards at work.

If you are unsure about your size, you can print off the footwear template in the Clad Safety Shoe Size Guide and check the measurements against the footwear chart. If you are still unsure, our team of technical experts can advise you on the correct safety footwear.

Are half size safety boots designed for men only or are there ladies’ options available?

Traditionally safety boots were only available in men’s sizing but as the demand for ladies’ safety footwear has grown, so has the range of products available. Ladies’ styles have been designed in a slimmer style to suit female feet while certain boots are identical to their male colleagues such as the Haix range which are also available in half sizes. Other brands such as Cofra and Rock Fall are available in smaller sizes which are often better suited to women’s feet.

I’ve downloaded the Clad Safety Shoe Size Guide, how do I use it?

The Clad Safety Shoe Size Guide has been designed to make it a simple and straightforward process to measure your feet.

  1. Print the Shoe Size Guide and Ruler on A4.
  2. In the print settings the Page Scaling must be set to Actual Size or None. Check against an actual ruler to ensure scale is correct.
  3. Cut out the ruler.


  1. Place heel on the green line as shown.
  2. Measure length using foot gauge.


  1. Measure the full width of your foot by wrapping the paper ruler around your foot at the widest point.
  2. Check the measurements against the attached Clad Safety Shoe Size Guide to find your correct size.

If you have any problems, please contact the Clad Safety Team.

Ok, now I know my size. What brand of safety boots should I choose?

Clad Safety sell a wide range of safety footwear from the leading brands including Cofra, Haix, Lightyear, Rockfall and V12. Waterproof, sustainable and lightweight are all popular requirements alongside durability, slip resistance and comfort. You can view the full range of safety footwear here including safety boots, shoes, trainers and wellingtons.

Clad Safety has over 30 years of experience, supplying quality workwear and PPE solutions to a wide range of industries and organisations. Our technical team can help guide you in your decisions and offer advice on the range of products in the marketplace. For further information please contact our Customer Service Team on 0800 161 3661 or email [email protected]