Carbon Neutral Safety Gloves


The Benefits Of Choosing A Carbon Neutral Safety Glove

All of us have a responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint to minimise our impact on climate change. 

Unfortunately, carbon emissions can be generated from all aspects of your organisation. Although it’s not something that immediately springs to mind, this includes your choice of workwear and PPE. 

After all, every business requires a constant stream of workwear, high visibility clothing and PPE. How items are manufactured and transported, and even how durable each garment is will impact the total number of emissions generated by your business. 

Leading the fight against climate change in the safety glove category are Traffi, who recently developed carbon neutral hand protection which we stock here at Clad Safety. 

If you’re yet to discover Traffi carbon neutral safety gloves, here is a product overview. Plus some of the top benefits carbon neutral safety gloves can provide for your organisation in general. 

Safety Gloves: An Overview

Every year in the UK 16,000 workplace injuries occur to the hand and wrist. This accounts for 25% of all workplace injuries reported. Of those injured, around 11,000 employees will require more than seven days’ absence from work to recover from their injuries.

Depending on the activity, the wearer may be exposed to anything from extreme temperatures to splashes of molten metal, along with cuts from sharp objects. 

Finding a glove that offers the right level of protection due to being suited to the environment and application is therefore essential. 

Cut Level Ratings For Gloves

Like all forms of workwear and PPE, different ratings can be applied to indicate the environment suitability, along with the level of protection a particular item provides.

The standard for safety gloves measuring protection against cuts, abrasions, tears and punctures was previously known as EN 388:2003

However, as explained in our post How Have Safety Glove Ratings Changed?, the latest update to the glove safety standard is now known as EN 388:2016.

The new rating works on a cut level scale of A-F. The higher up the alphabet the letter is, the greater level of protection the glove provides against blade cut and impact. 

Although no official wording accompanies each cut level grading, here is a general explanation of what each grade means in terms of hand protection: 

Cut level A – Low risk

Cut level B – Low to medium risk

Cut level C – Medium to high risk

Cut level D – High risk level

Cut level E – Very high risk

Cut level F – Ultra high risk

Not sure which safety gloves or cut levels are right for your business or organisation? Give us a call at any time on 0800 161 3661 to discuss your specific needs with us. 

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Carbon Neutral Safety Gloves Benefits

Now we’ve established the importance of wearing safety gloves and the different cut levels to choose from, what could be better than adding sustainable products into the mix? 

Traffi are one of the leading safety glove brands we stock here at Clad Safety. Not only did Traffi pioneer a colour code system to denote the level of safety the glove provides, but they also recently developed carbon neutral safety gloves.

The Traffi carbon neutral safety gloves we stock include: 

If your business or organisation is yet to switch to carbon neutral safety gloves, here are just some of the top benefits of doing so. 

Helps To Meet Your Sustainability Objectives As A Business

Traffi carbon neutral safety gloves not only have a net zero carbon footprint but are also supplied in plastic free packaging. 

Given every business has a responsibility to meet climate objectives, the ability to extend this to any workwear – even down to safety gloves – is a huge win. 

From customers to stakeholders, few people will fail to be impressed by a company taking real action to reduce its impact on the environment. In fact, it’s becoming clear that anything less than full dedication to reducing carbon emissions is unacceptable. 

Therefore, carbon neutral workwear is just one of the ways to meet your climate objectives as a business. 

You Don’t Have To Compromise On Quality 

It’s natural to think that by switching up a workwear item to meet a certain objective you will lose out on quality. But with Traffi carbon neutral safety gloves, this simply isn’t the case.

If we take the Traffi Carbon Neutral Cut Level A Glove as an example, the material has built in life extending technology to ensure continual high performance. Traffi are so determined to provide superior quality, that you may even find switching offers better longevity than your existing safety glove brand! 

Plus when you order through Clad Safety, you can personally discuss your needs with us. Matching you to the right safety glove means suitability will be a priority with every purchase. Our safety gloves are compliant with EN 388. 

Reduction In Costs

Once you are matched to the right safety gloves for your organisation (based on a health and safety risk assessment), and these gloves also happen to be carbon neutral, costs will reduce as a result. 

First of all, you won’t have to keep buying more gloves due to poor quality or unsuitable properties your existing gloves may possess. 

But more than that, the lack of waste and plastic packaging will also save money in terms of reduced disposal costs.

Comfortable Yet Durable For Wearers 

The primary duty of a safety glove is to protect the wearer due to hazards in the workplace. Therefore, you must wear the correct gloves to protect against all possible hazards. 

However, depending on the application, some gloves can make it tricky to get the job done. 

Traffi carbon neutral safety gloves are extremely comfortable, while also being washable and resistant to oil and water. 

Touchscreen Capabilities Geared For The Modern Workplace 

There’s nothing more frustrating than having to remove your gloves to use a touchscreen. Aside from mobile phones, touchscreens are becoming increasingly visible within the working environment itself. However, a major problem is that as soon as workers remove their safety gloves, they instantly lose hand protection.

Traffi carbon neutral safety gloves are made with touchscreen friendly finger pads. This means your team can easily switch between screen and application without having to compromise on hand protection. 

Touchscreen capabilities combined with carbon neutral production are a sure sign that these safety gloves are forward thinking, which is why their safety gloves are highly recommended for a variety of workplaces.

Clad Safety – Sustainable Safety Gloves UK

Clad Safety is a UK supplier of safety gloves from the leading brands including Ultimate Industrial, Traffi, Progarm and Portwest . Whether you’re interested in more sustainable hand protection for your team or want to know what other measures can be taken to make your workwear more sustainable, we’re here to help. 

We’re passionate about making our products more sustainable as part of our sustainability pledge. All without compromising on performance, quality or cost-effectiveness for your business. 

As a leading supplier of workwear and PPE, we have 30 years experience in keeping your team safe at work. We work with Health and Safety Managers and Buying Teams from large organisations across industries including Construction, Engineering, Health, Rail and Utilities

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