The Ultimate Guide To Work Boots and Safety Footwear


Work boots and safety footwear – which ones do I need? It’s a common question when the choice of safety footwear is so vast and at times, can feel quite overwhelming. Do you need men’s or women’s, lightweight or vegan, thermal or waterproof? There are also features to consider – steel toe caps, anti-penetration midsoles, metatarsal protection and slip-resistant soles.  The list is endless!

Wearing the correct safety footwear and correctly fitting footwear is of paramount importance. It has been designed to protect your feet from any hazards or obstacles you might face at work that could result in a foot related injury. No matter what your job role or working environment is, there will be a pair of safety boots or trainers to suit your needs and requirements.

Lightweight Safety Boots

Gone are the safety boots of old, in their place is a host of new lightweight and ultra-lightweight models of composite and steel toe-capped boots for both men and women, lightweight safety trainers and safety shoes.

Investment into the research and development of new materials and components combined with modern production techniques have revolutionised the safety boot industry. Designs now focus on the wearer’s comfort and feature innovative solutions to minimise impact and protect the back and legs when working for long hours. More importantly, they are equipped with numerous safety features that will satisfy the toughest of work environments and ensure compliance with different safety standards.

Lightyear Utility Boot


Amblers Waterproof Safety Boot


Waterproof Safety Boots

If you work outdoors in extreme weather, you need safety boots that protect you from everyday hazards, whilst keeping harsh weather elements out. The unique waterproof features that provide this benefit are built directly into the boots during the design and construction phase and then tested for compatibility in a range of ways.

It is highly unlikely that cheaper footwear options will have been through the same vigorous testing that is conducted by specialist safety footwear brands such as Rock Fall, Cofra, Blackrock, Lightyear, Magnum and Haix – testing that is absolutely necessary to ensure boot specifications meet the safety standards and protection that workers need and expect.

Lightyear Ankle Boot


Titanium Waterproof High Leg Boots


Thermal Safety Boots

Thermal safety boots are designed to keep your feet warm even in the coldest of temperatures. They have a thicker lining such as fleece or Thinsulate™ fabric and have been tested for cold insulation.

Our feet play a major role in regulating our body temperature and are more sensitive to temperature variations. In cold conditions the temperature of our feet can drop to 28°C, which is significantly lower than the body’s core temperature of 37°C. The cold feeling in our feet then spreads throughout the body and will have a negative impact on productivity in the workplace.

Cofra Barents Hi Leg Boot


Work Boots and Safety Footwear,safety boots BRF RF15 3

Shale High Leg Boot


Vegan and Sustainable Safety Footwear

Sustainability and recycled clothing is a hot topic at the moment as more and more businesses start to look at their environmental impact and find sustainable solutions at work. Employers aren’t just limited to recycled clothing when dressing their team as now there more sustainable and vegan footwear options available. Constructed from advanced modern materials, these non-leather boots are completely Vegan friendly.

Caiman Lightweight Waterproof Hiker Boot


Rock Fall Surge Sustainable Safety Boot


Ladies Safety Footwear

A lot of safety footwear was traditionally designed for the male wearer but in recent years the range of ladies safety footwear has increased as more and more women enter the construction industry. Gone are the days of one solitary safety boot with a pink trim, now there are many options that are identical in design to their male counterpart. Smaller sizes are often available, and the design and fit has been considered to reflect the shape of female feet.

Intrepid Womens Hiker Boot


HAIX Ladies Airpower XR1 Safety Boot


Safety Trainers

Flexible and sporty, the latest lightweight and ultra-lightweight safety trainers are the perfect choice for light industry work environments including warehousing, factories, logistics and a wide variety of trades.

Even if not a statutory Health & Safety requirement for your worker’s specific role, a good pair of safety trainers will always be a preferable option over standard footwear. They are equipped with numerous safety features; they protect the wearer against falling objects, help to prevent slips, trips and falls, safeguard against burns and scalds and assist with protection against electric shocks.

Lightyear Suede Safety Trainer


Cofra Mega Eco Friendly Safety Trainer


Safety Wellingtons

Safety wellingtons are the ideal choice when you need the benefits of a traditional wellington boot combined with additional safety features often associated with a safety boot. Safety wellingtons are ideal for those working in wet and damp conditions or for those individuals working in hygiene conscious settings including food, chemical and medical industries.

Black Midsole Safety Wellington


Buckler Neoprene/Rubber S5 Safety Wellingtons


Hopefully The Ultimate Guide To Work Boots and Safety Footwear has given you a good overview of the types of safety footwear on offer. If you wish to know more, make sure to check out our other posts on safety footwear including The Ultimate Guide to Safety Footwear, Choosing Ultra Lightweight Safety Boots, Ultra Lightweight Safety Trainers, Waterproof Safety Boots – A Rainy Day Essential, Where Can I Find A Half Size In Safety Boots and The Best Thermal Safety Boots.